Government Affairs Pros Steve Perry & Kim Bayliss Launch Independent Shop in Washington, D.C.

After several decades of lobbying and government relations representation under the globally respected Dutko Group brand, Steve Perry and Kim Bayliss have launched their own firm to combine that legacy of trusted discretion and effective performance. Perry Bayliss Government Relations opened its office just blocks from the Capitol, offering depth of experience combined with their incomparable commitment to individualized attention.

While their decision to create a new practice was not inspired by the results of the U.S. presidential election, Perry’s and Bayliss’s timing couldn’t have been better. With the Trump administration promising to turn many agency agendas and policies upside down and Congress poised to produce a torrent of new legislation, the pair quickly recognized that clients would need truly seasoned hands to help navigate what promises to be a very dynamic government relations landscape.

“Time and again,” said Perry, “we have seen companies think they could fly under the radar of regulators and legislators, only to learn a painful and expensive lesson: You can’t afford to ignore Washington. If you do, you will learn that competitors are happy to capitalize on your absence.”

As veteran lobbyists, Perry Bayliss particularly knows the telecom and tech sectors like few others, keeping a keen eye on how regulatory and legislative moves could affect industry prospects. The duo can help industry disruptors leverage public sector stakeholders to accelerate their plans and navigate around hidden hazards. And thanks to their consultative, team-oriented approach, they can coordinate seamlessly with client companies’ C-suite, communications departments and legal counsel.

“We do something very unusual when first meeting with a prospective client,” said Bayliss. “We listen. We ask incisive questions. And then we bring our decades of experience to bear in analyzing a client’s needs within a deeper context.”

Perry and Bayliss said they put special emphasis on offering clients insights and suggestions that will drive better outcomes and minimize wheel-spinning. Whether a client is in the highly regulated telecom sector, or in the typically less regulated tech sector, Perry Bayliss provides insight and intelligence to help clients avoid costly policy surprises and maintain a proactive presence by turning policy ideas into marketing tools to expand opportunities for their clients.

Perry Bayliss Government Relations is located at 100 M Street, SE, Suite 500, Washington, DC 20003-3568. Steve Perry, principal, can be reached at steve.perry(at)perrybayliss(dot)com or 202-256-1805 (mobile). Kim Bayliss, principal, can be reached at kim.bayliss(at)perrybayliss(dot)com or 202-255-4685 (mobile). Visit them online at

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Perry Bayliss Government Relations takes a holistic and strategic approach to serving clients’ needs and pursuing their goals, combining the insight-producing processes of a management consulting firm with politically savvy insider tactics honed over decades of operating in the hallways and conference rooms of Washington, D.C.

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